Plant Sap Analysis

Plant Sap Analysis

Providing the only differential plant sap analysis service available in Western Australia

It is evident that in our environment the uptake of certain nutrients can be very compromised, regardless of levels in the soil. Fertilisers are becoming increasingly costly and if applications are off target they can be ineffective or even problematic.

Differential sap analysis is an excellent diagnostic tool that is used to determine the nutritional status of plants at all stages of the growing season. It is enabling growers all around the world to make informed decisions around the application of nutritional measures to ensure that crops have all they need for optimal production whilst avoiding unnecessary input expense. This method involves analysis of plant available nutrient levels in the sap of both young and mature leaves which enables growers to better track the status of those nutrients that are plant mobile. The requirements of plants at different stages of growth can vary quite dramatically and differential plant sap analysis enables us to pick up these trends straight away and tend to matters before our crops are compromised.

Plant Sap Analysis enables us to tailor programs that provide crops with the nutrition they need to consistently achieve:

  • optimum quality production
  • pest resistance and disease immunity
  • better keeping, nutrition and taste profiles
  • robust growth and resilience in adverse conditions

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